At the dawn of 2020, we held a Q1 offsite meeting!

The Rakuten Adroll Offsite meeting was held across two clear, sunny days in January. For team building purposes, all employees head from the office to Yamanaka lake in Yamanashi Prefecture on a reserved bus. The beautiful World heritage Fuji-san was visible on route to the curling place.

After listening to a lecture about the history and rules of curling, our beginners were excited to the first experience! Being one with your team and putting your trust in them was possibly the most important thing, as the acceleration of the heavy stone was all up to the teammate on the other side of the alley. But the second the stone leaves their hand, that teammate will now have to trust the rest of his team to adjust the speed and direction.

The experience was a mere three hours, but because of everyone’s concentration, the time flew by. It was the instructors that responded to every question from the members with sincerity that got everybody up to a tournament-playing level in a short time.

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After the exciting experience, we head to the hotel where we stayed. After healing their cold and tiredness in the hot-spring, we gathered again for a workshop themed ‘Brainstorming for our company’s mission statement’. Rakuten Adroll, with being only one year after establishment, has a fast business speed, and the company is growing fast with more members and duties increasing by the minute. Therefore, it was agreed upon that the kind of company that we see ourselves as in the future should be upgraded as well.

Employees poured their thoughts onto post-its and categorized them into six groups. Later, they were summarized and shared with the group. This was a meaty process, as employees shared their personal goals on the bus about what they want to accomplish in the company, and we could feel each member’s opinion very realistically.

After the hot discussion, we all had an amazing dinner of Nippon kaiseki. Many of the Rakuten Adroll members grew up outside of Japan, so most of the conversations were about what the foods sitting on their plate were. The conversations were endless!

After dinner, some people would go to karaoke while others would stay in their rooms and relax, or explore the onsen.

The next morning, after a plentiful breakfast, next up was new year’s kakizome(explanation).

This year, we wrote one word about our new year’s resolutions. Many of them were common resolution words like「新」(new), and 「挑戦」(challenge). On the other hand, there were words like「空」 (sky),「肉質」(muscular)「猫」(cat)!

After checking out, we made a stop at the souvenir shop, where we had delicious Houtou (The soul food of Yamanashi), and left Yamanaka Lake.

Unlike the bus on the way, the bus back to Tokyo was sleep mode. The warm sunshine and the bus swaying seemed to trigger everyone into a peaceful sleep after using their minds and body for two days.

The first ever offsite meeting was an excellent opportunity to learn more about the members each other and the company. The next offsite meeting is scheduled to be in the summer. Look forward to the report!

Rakuten AdRoll is a joint venture between a US west coast headquartered ad tech company, NextRoll Inc. and a Japanese Ecommerce platform company, Rakuten Inc. We are always looking for talented people. If you’ve got the desire to grow and challenge in a fun and rewarding environment, check out our current openings!
楽天アドロールは、アメリカ西海岸に本社を置くアドテク企業のNextRoll Inc.と日本に本社を置く楽天株式会社との間で結ばれたジョイントベンチャー企業です。 楽天アドロールでは、新たなメンバーを募集しています。挑戦と成長意欲のある方からのご応募をお待ちしております!

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