Rakuten AdRoll K.K.

Luciano Kohmura

For the happiness of all stakeholders

Rakuten AdRoll is a joint venture between a US west coast headquartered ad tech company, NextRoll Inc. and a Japanese Ecommerce platform company, Rakuten Inc. I care about building a great corporate culture so that I can best take advantage of the strength of both companies for constant and strong growth of our business.

The root of our business is to develop a solution for any business to use Rakuten’s big data to grow their business by using Rakuten AdRoll’s technology. So clearly we can say that technology is the core of our business. However, technologies are evolving rapidly and new ones are being developed every day in an open source environment. Considering the industry we are competing in, below are the core values Rakuten AdRoll employees embodies;

  • Be Smart;Always be professional and make smart decisions that enable you to deliver outstanding performance and continue growing.
  • Be Innovative;Innovation comes from creative and scalable ideas based on wide perspective and the spirit to challenging the norm. Let’s drive our business with innovation.
  • Be a Driver;We encourage people to always take action quickly rather than overthinking so we can move our business with speed. Be accountable and proactively drive projects.
  • Be Collaborative;We value diversity and believe that mutual respect and strong teamwork leads to success. Be professional and generous with your contributions and efforts to the team.
  • Enjoy your Journey;Work is a part of life's journey. By enjoying work one can also enjoy life. Let's have a fun and wonderful journey together.

We also have to keep in mind that we are committed to making all of our stakeholders happy. Rakuten AdRoll’s stakeholders are firstly the various teams within both of our parent companies who are building the business together, secondly the outside partners and vendors who support running our business, and last but not least is our precious Rakuten AdRoll employees. Our stakeholders are very diverse so in order to achieve everyone’s happiness, we need to be creative and continue putting effort with continuous trial and errors. Thus we consider the following on top of the core value mentioned above;

  • Respect each other
  • Understand each other’s circumstances and thoughts
  • Always have compassion

We keep in mind these things while we do our daily tasks and put all our effort so that our technology can make all of our stakeholders happy. We believe that that will help us bring sustainable growth and prosperous society.